Weekly Classes

Week in, week out every day is different… Our aim is to create a fun, challenging and motivating activity in which our students feel inspired to be a part of.

We want to create a class in which our students feel comfortable and confident to make mistakes and better themselves each and every day.

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Weekly Classes

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Homework Club


Conversation Classes

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We offer dynamic and interactive classes.

Even though we have a lot of activities and we are always reinventing, adding new events, and recreating teaching methods to allow our children, effortless full exposure to the English language through recreational subjects, from reading, games, cooking, dancing, and problem solving to STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and math), as well as theatre and the arts.

Our aim for these classes is to be more speaking-based and focus on developing self-confidence, fluency, and presentation skills.

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English conversation classes for adults!

Whether it’s for work, to travel or just to keep up your knowledge of the language we would love to have you in our class!

You can better your level at the same time as chatting about relevant and recent topics as well as bumping up your vocabulary.

Our native teachers will help and correct you with grammar and pronunciation in a relaxed and positive manner.

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