Our Story

Why we do what we do… because it works!

In English With Emilie, our aim is to encourage, empower and motivate each and every student to learn and succeed through education in English. By using educational and second language acquisition studies we have created a platform in which learning English is made desirable, creative, natural and most importantly…a whole lot of fun!

This environment is designed to be active, playful, diverse and meet all the individual needs and requirements of every type of learner regardless of age and physical conditions. We offer a numerous amount of activities and we are always reinventing and adding new events as well as improving current ones to keep up with our fast moving and forever changing lives. 

These values are very important to us and I am proud to say that all our trained native English speaking teachers, share the same passion for learning and child education. We love learning and our main priority is that each and every one of our students does too. 

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Our Research

“Children learn language from their language experiences - there is no other way”

– Elena Lieven and Michael Tomasello (Child language learning expert)

Our Methods

Our methods of teaching allow our children to have effortless total exposure to the English Language through recreational subjects from reading, playing, cooking, dancing and problem solving to STEM subjects (science, engineering, technology and maths) as well as theatre and the arts. We also take great care in teaching modern values, such as recycling and looking after our animals and planet, or how to respect others and be grateful and kind, to always try your hardest and work hard to achieve your goals.

These values are very important to us and I am proud to say that all our trained native English speaking teachers, share the same passion for learning and child education.

We love learning and our main priority is that each and every one of our students does too. 

Not only does make the heart feel happy, it is a great learning technique especially for the more shy language learners. 

When lacking confidence language learners will be silent until they are comfortable and confident enough to speak out. For those children who are more shy, singing can really help them blend their voices in with the other children and the music. Giving them the same opportunity to learn new words, and practice correct pronunciation without total exposure and the feeling of being ashamed. 


We include theatre activities in our class as it teaches the students many skills, and not only those regarding language, however it provides many important personal development skills. 

From a language perspective, the children are forever learning new words and phrases. As they must be rehearsed for a performance the children are constantly exposed the conversation happening in their specific scene, this then means they can reuse the new language learnt if they are ever found in that situation outside of the performance. Also, as when saying the words they must fully understand the meaning in order to express and  deliver the lines, it gives the language they are learning meaning and purpose. 

Later through theatre, the children are leaning expressions and emotions, they are gaining confidence in order to deliver and speak in-front of a big crowd of people. A skill that can be used in many professional stages later on in life.

As well as this, our students are also learning the importance of being a part of a team and the importance of pulling their own weight in order not to let their fellow team mates down. 

Reading is just as an important source of vocabulary development for second language learners as it is for first. 

It gives a major boost to multi linguistic awareness. Seeing words represented by letters and other symbols at a young age leads children to a new understanding that language has form as well as meaning. Reading reinforces the understanding that are words separate from the thing it represents. 

For example, we understand that a caterpillar is a longer word than a  train even though the object it represents is much shorter. 

Knowing words and sentences can have multiple meanings and gives children access to word jokes, trick questions and riddles, which they love to share. — Native teachers can provide them with these extra advantages in their second language. 

Our Class Tools

We additionally use two highly effective, technological platforms to further enhance your child’s’ learning opportunities and experience in class.

We use it to keep all our students motivated to work hard and speak in English week after week. We do this for each individual and also as a group.


Promethean is a global leader in interactive education technologies that expands student perspectives in the classroom. It uses technology to energise the learning environment and enables us access to educational games, videos and instant music.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together. We use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too. Each week we reward students with points depending on their input in class, through the month they gain more and more points which then leads to a prize called “Star of the Month”.

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